Christian Hatch


SimpleImageSlider is an open source iOS library available via CocoaPods to create a scrollable gallery of images, loaded from UIImages or NSURLs. Great for use in a tableview header, and there's an optional parallax/'stretchy header' effect 🙊


EmailPicker is an open source iOS library available via CocoaPods that I made at Dockwa. It is a simple viewcontroller to let a user choose emails by typing them in or choosing from their contacts. 100% Swift. All-in-one solution for your email picking needs!

RGB Remote

RGB Remote is an open source app I am developing that allows me to control RGB LED strip lights by communicating with a REST server on a Raspberry Pi hooked up to an IR blaster. Feel free to fork and modify to suit your needs!


Derulo is a flexible collection of Swift mixins to organize and manage translating between JSON and native Swift objects. Designed to give your model objects a consistent JSON conversion / mapping / caching / offline strategy without getting in your way. Simple, straightforward, and lightweight.