Christian Hatch


Goldenstash is the best way to locate Goldenstash sightings from across the globe!

Snakes of North Carolina

Snakes of North Carolina is an adaptation of the book A Guide to the Snakes of North Carolina. I made it in partnership with the Davidson College Herpetology Lab.


ColorMix is a Simple, Clean, and Trustworthy color picker app for the iPhone. It enables you to see how the RGB and HSB color spaces interact, and create beautiful colors with just your finger.


With etch, you can draw anything and send it to friends who can watch your drawing play back on their screen! Etch is great for sharing and sending doodles, notes, greetings, and personalized messages.

Morning Mantra

Morning Mantra is an app to keep a list of mantras or quotes to live by. Each morning, the app sends you a notification with a random mantra from your list to focus on for that day.